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Taylor Bunn's Autobiography (submitted 5/2/06)

Grandma I'm Here

As I was growing up, my grandma was always there. Ever since I was about one or two years old she has been watching me. When my mom had to work in the summer, she watched me. As time went by and I got older, I did not see her as much.

Even though my grandma lives right down the street, I did not visit her often. I still visited her every once and a while, but I spent most of the time with my friends. My friends and I spent our time going to the movies and to parties. I did not see my grandma as much. Even though I wanted to see her, I was wrapped up in my own world.

As time went by I stopped hanging out with my friends so much and started hanging out with my family. I started going over to my grandma's house more often and even spent the night to keep her company. My grandma and I would go to the avenue and it would be so much fun. But a couple of weeks later, my mom took my grandma to the doctor; he told her that she had cancer.

When my mom told my brother, little sister, and I we got upset and started crying. My brother did not speak to anyone for a while. Ever since his dad died, my grandma has been the only one he can talk to. My grandma is like our guardian angel.

A few months later my grandma went in for surgery. They had to remove the cancer from her uterus. A week after that she came home for recovery. Even though she went through all of that I just want to let her know that I'm here.

By: Taylor Bunn
6th Grader @ Hill-Freedman Middle School

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