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Courtney Robinson's Autobiography (submitted 5/2/06)

Daddy's Girl

My name is Courtney Robinson and this is about one of the struggles that occured in my life. All my life I had my father, from the time I was born on April 3, 1994, at Women's Medical Hospital until January 30, 2006. My father was the type of person that always had great ideas backed up with intelligence and a bright personality.

The day he passed away was the worst day of my life. I never thought that at the age eleven I would no longer have my father physically. He was a big part of me and now he's gone. I could not ask GOD why, for when he called my father folllowed his path. I know that he completed his goals in life and that's all that matters.

As I look back on the times we spent together, I take forth with me dozens of memories. My favorite is when we spent the whole day together in Curtis Park. He always knew how to make me smile. He was the best father for me. I enjoyed all the adventures and the changes we made together.

I take after him alot--for instance, my eyelashes, hair color, and creativity are directly from my dad. He gave me unconditional love, although he had other options. He did not have to be a good father to my two brothers and me but he did; he did a good job.

Knowing that he dedicated his life to his family makes life easier. This tragedy has had a huge affect on my family's life. It has been a huge challenge trying to stand straight without the backbone to the family. Now the puzzle is incomplete, but I'm Still Daddy's Girl!

By: Courtney Robinson
6th Grader @ Hill Freedman Middle School

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