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Tahirah Karim's Autobiography (submitted 5/3/06)

Being On The Choo Choo Train
My name is Tahirah Karim and I have been on this train for 12 years. My first stop was Jefferson Hospital. October 19, 1993, was when it all started. I can remember it just like it was yesterday.
Choo Choo is the sound I hear. Next stop Pennypacker, the train operator says. I wonder what he means, but then I say I'll see. I arrive at this huge school full of children and it was the first day of school. I made friends and I keep them forever no matter what.
After the day of school I got on the train. I end up falling asleep for a while and awaken to a fifth grade class. I can barely remember those years that passed. Time flies when you're on a train like this one. Soon as I know it, I am leaving and getting ready for middle school next year.
Choo Choo. Next stop, Goals To Achieve. I am in my room envisioning my life. I want to become a pediatrician, marry a famous person, and have a big house with two children.
I'm on that train again and I hear next stop, Losing Family and Moving On. I'm at my home again and this time I hear my step-mom has breast cancer and is in the hospital and isn't going to last very long. A few days later I found out she died and I felt speechless that day. That night I prayed for everyone of my family members that passed away. And now I am moving into the seventh grade hoping the next stop will be straight A's and B's.
By:Tahirah Karim

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