Guides and Materials About Mr. Franklin
An Introduction
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Lesson 1. 6-8 Lists to Live by: Developing a Self-Improvement Plan   Civics, Life Skills, Language Arts
Lesson 2. 6-8 Many Bens: Character Revealed in Writing   Language Arts
Lesson 3. 6-8 Choosing a Trade in Colonial America   Language Arts, History
Lesson 4. 6-8 Franklin’s Fair Hand American Journalism   Language Arts, History
Lesson 5. 6-8 What Good May I Do: Franklin and the American Civic Association   Civics
Lesson 6. 6-8 Franklin’s Philadelphia: Another Point of View   History
Lesson 7. 6-8 Let’s Throw an Electric Science Party!   Science
Lesson 8. 6-8 Simple Machines, Ben Franklin and the Technology of the 1700s   Technology
Lesson 9. 6-8 Join, or Die: Reenacting the Albany Conference   History
Lesson 10. 6-8 Benjamin Franklin, Elder Statesman   History, Language Arts