Caleb Whitefoord
1734 - 1810
Caleb Whitefoord, a next-door neighbor of Franklin's on Craven Street, was a wine merchant. He was also a witty raconteur and amateur collector of art. Sellers (p. 61) writes that "Oliver Goldsmith and Dr. Johnson saw in his wit a literary talent wasted."

A fellow member of the Royal Society, Whitefoord gave to that organization the portrait of Franklin he had commissioned from Joseph Wright in 1782. Writing to Philadelphia's American Philosophical Society in 1791 to acknowledge his election to membership among them, Whitefoord wrote that the portrait "is now added to the Heads of Illustrious Persons, in the Royal Society's Great Room; and Doctor Franklin is grouped with his immortal Brethren in Philosophy, Newton, Boyle, and Locke." From The Whitefoord Papers, ed. W.A.S. Hewins, cited in Sellers p. 422.