Elias Boudinot III
1706 - 1770
Boudinot was born in New York on July 8, 1706, the son of Marie Catharine Carré and Elias Boudinot, II. He was baptized in the French Church on July 19, 1706. His family were prominent members of the city's powerful Huguenot community.

He was apprenticed to noted New York Huguenot silversmith Simeon Soumaine for seven years in June, 1721. On achieving his freedom, he went to Antigua, where he married Susannah LeRoux on August 8, 1729. She died without issue in 1733. The same year, he married Catherine Williams and returned to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Boudinot joined the city's Presbyterian church, and was part of the group that seceded in 1743 under the influence of "New Light" preacher George Whitefield to form the Second Presbyterian church, another of the city's major religious institutions. Whitefield had come to Philadelphia in 1739 and '40, attracted attention from many (including Franklin), and had baptized Boudinot's son, Elias IV.

From Boudinot's return to the city in 1733 until his move to south Second Street in 1747, his home and shop had been on Market Street next door to Franklin's post office. In 1757, the family moved to Princeton, New Jersey. In addition to his work as silversmith, Boudinot was also a general merchant and postmaster. Around 1762, he moved to Elizabethtown, New Jersey. Ill for many years with "the dead palsy," he died in Elizabethtown on July 4, 1770.

Boudinot fathered a large family. His son, the Honorable Elias Boudinot IV (1740-1821), was President of the Continental Congress, and held other significant positions in the new republic. His daughter, Annis (b. 1736) was famed during her lifetime as a poet, and married Richard Stockton, signer of the Declaration of Independence from New Jersey. Their daughter, Julia Stockton, married the celebrated Dr. Benjamin Rush, Franklin's personal physician. Sources: Franklin Institute files, Winterthur Museum DAPC files, and unpublished 1979 University of Delaware master's thesis on Elias IV by Cheryl A. Robertson.