Elias Cachart
? - 1752?
London silversmith, of French Huguenot origin. His only known mark is Grimwade #557, entered June 17, 1742. According to Grimwade no record exists of his apprenticeship or freedom. His only known address is Cundic (possibly Conduit) Court, where Ambrose Heal records him working 1742-1752. Grimwade writes: "From the surviving occurrence of his mark it is clear that he was probably the largest manufacturer of spoons and forks in the mid eighteenth century." (p. 456.)

However, his mark is very similar to one of those registered by Ebenezer Coker, and it is possible that some of the utensils that have been attributed to him (including those owned by Franklin) were made in Coker's shop. Died after 1752.