Cups and Saucers, 1765-1775
Photo by Peter Harholdt, 2004
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Photo by Peter Harholdt, 2004

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"Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World," Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary traveling exhibition, 2005-2008
Otherwise on ongoing display at the Franklin Institute
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Coke, Gerald, In Search of James Giles (1718 - 1780) (Wingham, Kent : Micawber Publications, 1983) p. 206, Pl. 34(a), shows identical cups and saucers with the same mark.

This and other information concerning the Giles connection was kindly provided by independent scholar Letitia Roberts.

Talbott, Page, ed., Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World (New Haven and London: Yale University, 2005) (companion book to exhibition of same title) Chapter 4, fig. 4-22, p. 140.

The set was a gift of Mrs. John W. Pepper. It was given before February 15, 1935. A file at the Institute indicates that a notarized statement signed by Henrietta D. Bache Pepper accompanied this tea set when it was received. The statement declared that the six tea cups and saucers were inherited in direct descent from the estate of Benjamin Franklin by Mrs. John (Henrietta D. Bache) Pepper (Franklin's great-great-great-granddaughter).

The line of descent is: Franklin to Sally Bache to [unknown] to Henrietta D. Bache Pepper to Miss Caroline D. Bache. Miss Bache lent the service to the Institute in 1935, with the silver fish slice described elsewhere in this database, for exhibition. The service is believed to have remained at the Institute since then. Terms of Use Credits