Bowl, 1760-1770
Photo by Peter Harholdt,...
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Photo by Peter Harholdt, 2004 (before conservation)

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The Chinese export porcelain bowl is painted with a garden scene of rockwork and fencing. The ornament is applied in overglaze enamels in the famille rose palette with gilded highlights. The bowl is potted rather thickly, of clay with some residual impurities that show as slight pitting or spotting visible through the glaze. It stands on a high, straight (1/2-inch) foot, 4 1/4 inches in diameter, which widens slightly toward its joint with the bottom of the bowl. The sides of the vessel flare outward as they rise, and have a shallow ribbed or fluted surface. The ornament is painted over the glaze in the famille rose palette. On the exterior is a singe large garden motif of rockwork, open fret fencing, ling chi mushroom, grasses, and trailing tree peony and chrysanthemum blooms. The plants, as painted, arch over the rim of the bowl and drop into the center of the interior, with several blooms. Opposite that motif is a cluster of chrysanthemums centered on the bowl's side and climbing over the rim to drop into the interior. The flower colors are shaded rose, white and gold. The foliage is teal blue and yellow green. The rockwork and tree peony are blue-violet. The enamels are applied rather thickly, and scratched to create a variety of textures.
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