Portrait of Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky (West), ca. 1816
Photo by Graydon Wood
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Photo by Graydon Wood

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Franklin is depicted in the pose of an Olympian figure, in the act of drawing lightning from a stormy sky. He is shown seated on a rock in an undefined landscape wearing black contemporary dress, his neckcloth or cravat whipped by the wind, his person wrapped by a billowing red cloak. His head is turned upward, looking toward the heavens, his hair blowing freely. His right hand extends upward, toward a key that hangs from a taut kite string. A bright current appears to drop from the key to his hand. His left arm is down, providing visual balance; in his left hand is a scroll of paper. A pair of putti, below on the left of the scene, activate a complex electrical machine of the sort Franklin used to demonstrate the relationship between lightning and electricity. Behind him on the right, a standing putto wrapped in yellow controls the end of the kite string. He is watched by others, one of whom wears the headdress of an American Indian.
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