Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Pine), ca. 1787
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Photo courtesy of The Franklin Institute, Inc.

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Included in an exhibit at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, April 12 - April 26, 1934.

"The Man Who Chased Whirlwinds," a multi-media exhibit presented by the Franklin Institute.

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Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale University, 1962)

The portrait is not in the list of paintings offered by Pine's widow in a lottery in 1790, nor in the list of Pine's paintings bought by Daniel Bowen and shown in his museums at New York and Boston. It was not among those destroyed when Bowen's Boston museum burned in 1803.

The portrait was owned by Gilbert L. Parker of Philadelphia around 1900. John Frederick Lewis, Jr., bought it around 1914 from his estate, and included it in the catalogue of his collection, which was published in 1934.

It was given to The Franklin Institute by Lewis' widow, probably in 1933 certainly before May 15, 1934.

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