Side chair (Fussell), before 1748
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Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art

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"Worldly Goods," Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1999
"Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World," Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary traveling exhibition, 2005-2008
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Fussell bill to Benjamin Franklin 1/2/1748; Richard and Sarah (Franklin) Bache; (probably) Benj. Franklin Bache; Charles Bache, brother of Dr. Thomas Hewson Bache; (probably) Franklin Bache; Henrietta M.E. Bache (Mrs. Horace) Jayne; Ginsburg and Levy, NY, around 1934; Austin Keogh, NY; Bernard and S. Dean Levy, 1979. It is possible that the chair was also owned by Mrs. Thos. Burns Drum, 8105 Eastern Avenue, Ch. Hill, PA. She lent a chair (this one?) to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 4/13-5/13/35. Curator Susan Detweiler has provided information essential to the creation of this entry. She cites Mrs. Drum and also Horace Howard Furness Jayne (1898-1975) who may have owned it. Terms of Use Credits