Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Duplessis/Lavoisier), 1787-1788
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Marie-Anne-Pierrette Paulze Lavoisier (Attributed)
Oil on canvas; H. 28 3/8 in. (72.1 cm), W. 22 7/8 in. (58.1 cm)
David A Schorsch - Eileen M. Smiles (Woodbury, Connecticut)
Throughout his public life Franklin was sent gifts by political allies and enemies, intellectual friends, well-wishers and those seeking his patronage. Some of them are extraordinary. Among those is a portrait painted of him by Marie Lavoisier, wife of the brilliant chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier. It may have been, for Franklin, a souvenir of another aspect of his years in France.
Included in BF300 Exhibit.
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