Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Valade after Duplessis), 1786
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Photo courtesy of Monticello/Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.

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Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale University, 1962)

The painting has traveled almost as widely as its subject. It was purchased from Jean Valade by Jefferson in Paris on August 24, 1787. It hung at Monticello, and was inherited on Jefferson's death by Joseph Coolidge, Jr. In 1828, the Boston Athenaeum bought it from Coolidge, and catalogued it as being done by Greuze for the Abbé de Véri. In 1876 it was deposited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston by the Athenaeum, after the attribution to Greuze had been changed to an attribution to Duplessis. Sellers attributed the work to Valade rather than Greuze or Duplessis; Monticello's current attribution is also to Valade. It is currently (2006) on exhibit at Monticello.
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