Pitcher, 1799
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The jug is in the shape sometimes called "Liverpool": a tall, roughly cylindrical vessel with a swelling belly, a sharply-pointed pouring spout on one side and a thick, C-curved handle opposite. The body is fine-grained, cream-colored clay, covered by a clear glaze that puddles green. Around the exterior rim is a series of floral festoons. On one side of the exterior body is a large oval transfer print. It contains a smaller oval cartouche displaying the image of the eastern part of the new United States from the 1783 Wallis map. The map is flanked on the left by Washington and Liberty standing together. Washington holds the baton of a general in his right hand. Liberty, a woman in roughly classical dress, holds a pole with the liberty cap atop it. Above them, an angel trumpets victory. On the right side of the map Franklin is seated with an open book on his knees. On it is written "America Independent 4 July 1776." Looking down on him are Diana, armed and helmeted, with her owl on her helmet, and blindfolded Liberty bearing her sword. Above them flies a brightly colored approximation of the American flag. Beneath the spout is an oval in which is painted in script the letters TJ above 1799.
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