Looking glass, ca. 1760
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Photo courtesy of Bernard & S. Dean Levy, Inc., New York

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A walnut pier mirror or looking glass, mid-Georgian, with carved and gilt ornament. The rectangular glass (original?) is held within a vertical frame with architectonic features. The frame pediment has a prominent, central, carved and gilded floral cartouche, believed to be original, flanked by opposed S-curved elements with carved and gilded moulding. All of the upper ornament is cut deeply, in the manner of the earlier rather than later 18th century. All edges and contours of the frame are accented by gilded gesso mouldings. Depending from each side of the frame is a trailing line of gilded vines, leaves, fruit and flowers. The lower edge of the frame breaks out of the rectangular form in a series of centrally balanced curves and countercurves.
Connection to Franklin
possible London purchase; history of family ownership
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