Armchair (Windsor), late 18th-early 19th century
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Photo courtesy of Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia

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Sack-backed bamboo windsor armchair, with thick, D-shaped maple seat, bamboo-turned spindles, arm supports and all leg members. The arched hickory back holds 10 slender bamboo spindles, rising from a broad D-shaped seat, slightly scooped. Two flattened, slightly planed armrests are inserted into the arched back and raised on prominently-turned front supports. Four slender "bamboo" uprights are spaced evenly along each side of the seat frame to support the arms. Flattened arms that are slightly S-curved, attached to the arched back, are each supported on 5 bamboo spindles; each front arm support is prominently turned. The chair stands on raked, bamboo-shaped legs held with boxed stretchers. Note that the 3 side and rear stretchers are bamboo shaped; the front stretcher is plain.

Inscription: Impressed twice beneath seat "R.F", and carved with initial "B.F." or possibly "R.F." with the R. altered to seem to be B. Terms of Use Credits