Library armchair, 1750-1775
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Photo courtesy of University Archives and Columbiana Library, Columbia University

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Mahogany open armchair upholstered in black leather (not original), with a rectangular frame, shallowly arched crest rail, straight sides raked backward slightly, slender, straight, mahogany arms with upholstered armrests, capacious, rectangular seat, straight (overupholstered) seat frame, straight front legs with a single bead running down the outer edge, raked rear legs, and cross-stretchers. It is now mounted on casters. A large (7 1/4 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high), oval, brass plaque was placed at the top center of the crest, detailing its history. The plaque bears the date 1822, and the design of the plaque appears consistent with that date. The leather upholstery is ornamented with tacking along the chair's contours. Without examining the chair in detail, unupholstered, it is difficult to determine with absolute certainty whether it was made in London or Philadelphia, though it appears to be of English manufacture. A short article by Waldo Hopkins describing the chair and its history appeared in American Collector, Vol., X, No. 2, March 1941. Terms of Use Credits