Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Martin), 1772
Scanned from Sellers,...
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Scanned from Sellers, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture

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Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale University, 1962)

The painting was owned by John Sargent, a London merchant banker and close friend of Franklin, from whom it passed to a Mrs. Larpent, then to her son, George Larpent. He sold it in 1850 to Alexander John Alexander, a brother of Mariamne Sargent. Alexander emigrated to the US, carrying the painting to his plantation in Woodford Co., Kentucky. At the time of the publication of Sellers' information it was still owned by the family. (Illustrated pl.9)

Note that Sargent was not only Franklin's friend and banker, but an MP from 1754-1761 and 1765-1768, and a Director of the Bank of England. His partner in Sargent, Aufrere and Co., George Rene Aufrere, owned a copy of this painting done by Benjamin West.

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