Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Feke), 1738-1746
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Photo courtesy of Harvard University Portrait Collection

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Three-quarter length portrait of Franklin standing against a brown wall, positioned as though toward the right side of the canvas, with his left hand tucked into his coat at the waist, his right arm extended downward, his right hand open with forefinger pointing downward. He looks toward the viewer, his head turned slightly toward the front of the canvas. He wears a brown wig and dark green suit with prominent ruffled white shirt cuffs. A hat is partially visible, tucked under his left forearm.

The wall before which he stands effectively divides the canvas vertically into two-thirds and one-third. The right one-third is filled with a minimal landscape: clouds in a blue-gray sky and a barren green ground.

Traditionally attributed to Robert Feke because of the overall composition and the figure's pose, the painting has also been attributed to colonial portrait painters John Greenwood and Joseph Badger.

An image can be found here.

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