Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Wilson/Pratt), 1762-1772
Philipse Manor Hall State...
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Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site, Yonkers, NY New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation

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The portrait is a copy after Benjamin Wilson, or after McArdell's mezzotint. Sellers comments that it may not be a life portrait, though it has always been assumed to be, but that, in any case, Pratt "knew Franklin well by sight." It is a shoulder-length depiction, with the sitter filling most of the canvas. Franklin is shown in the same posture as the Wilson portraits, but appears to lean forward to approach the viewer more closely. His complexion is "rather swarthy," says Sellers. He wears a white wig and an olive coat and waistcoat. The background is very dark, with green and brown tones. In the lower left is an indistinct depiction of the "village struck by lightning" detail from the Wilson and McArdell images and the light, cloudy image from McArdell. Sellers, pp. 413-414, pl.3; Sawitzky, pp. 55-56, Pl. 1.
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