Print with portrait of Benjamin Franklin: Le Docteur Francklin couronné par la Liberté, 1778
Collection of Stuart E....
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Collection of Stuart E. Karu. Photo by Peter Harholdt, 2004

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Based on a sketch by Fragonard, the aquatint depicts a heavenly landscape, with banks of clouds. A bust of Franklin (resembling that by Caffiéri) sits atop a globe, with the word AMERIQUE written across a continent. The globe is supported by an angel bearing a reversed sword. A document with the partial inscription "Cons...tutions / du Gouvernment / de Pensilvanie / Art. 1" is unfurled beneath the bust, and scrolls down across the globe. In the foreground lie bundled fasces and sprays of laurel. The figure of Liberty in a billowing gown strides toward the globe across the clouds, a laurel wreath in each hand. One hand is poised above Franklin's bust, as though to crown it. Above the head of Liberty is a pole bearing a liberty cap; a burst of light breaks through the clouds, bathing the cap and the figure in an aura. Terms of Use Credits