A CONFERENCE between the D___L and Doctor D___E/ Together with the Doctor's Epitaph on himself (A Conference between the Devil and Dr. Dove), 1764
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Photo courtresy of the Library Company of Philadelphia

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On Franklin's death, the bulk of his papers were sent to "Champlost," the country estate of a friend, George Fox. They were to reside there until Franklin's grandson, William Temple Franklin, edited and published a new edition of his grandfather's autobiography. Temple died in 1823 without completing the project. The papers at "Champlost" were given formally to Fox who, in turn, bequeathed them to his children, Charles Pemberton Fox and Mary Fox. In 1840, the two gave most, but not all, of the material to Philadelphia's American Philosophical Society, which Franklin had founded. A lengthy inscription on the reverse of this cartoon, dated October 1868, and signed by John Meredith Read, Jr., describes with some few inaccuracies the descent of the print to Mary Dickinson Fox, his cousin, and her gift of it to him. It passed, by an undocumented means, to Charles F. Heartman's collection, from which it was acquired in 1948 by the Clements Library of the University of Michigan.
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