Kneehole desk, ca. 1755
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Photo courtesy of Constance V. Hershey

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Arkell, Roland, and Catherine Saunders-Watson, The Vendue-Masters: Tales from Within the Walls of American's Oldest Auction House ( Antique Collectors' Club, 2005). pp. 150-151, illus.

Wojtowicz, Carol, "Franklin Kneehole Desk" (unpublished University of Pennsylvania undergraduate essay, April 25, 1973)

Date of Accession: 1962-10-26. 1909: sale of furnishings of Samuel H. Henderson, Philadelphia; acquired by M/M Stanley H. Lowndes of Long Island, N.Y.(1909); Lowndes collection was sold at auction in New York (1935). The desk was bought at that sale by Philadelphia dealer Thomas Curran, who sold it to Mrs. H. McLean Seabrease of Phila the same year; it was acquired by the National Park Service at the auction of the Seabrease collection in Philadelphia, (Date of accession 10/26/1962). Terms of Use Credits