Side chairs (two from a set), late 18th century
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Photo courtesy of Constance V. Hershey

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Photo courtesy of Constance...
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Two side chairs from a set, numbering at least six side and two arm chairs. These chairs are numbered V and VII inside front seat frames. Side chairs were most usually supplied in sets of six or twelve.

The chair has a bowed crest rail rising to end in tightly scrolled ears. The splat is pierced in a conventional arrangement of vertical bars resembling, in profile, a sheaf of wheat. The plain stiles have flat front surfaces, rounded rear; they taper as they rise from the seat frame to the ends of the crest rail. The stiles are continuous to form the rear legs; they are square in section at the seat frame. They rake slightly as they descend to the floor. All four corner edges of the rear legs are canted or shaved away. The trapezoidal seat frame has upper edges moulded, lower edges plain. It has wedged tenons through the rear legs. The front legs are straight to the floor, with moulded outer edges and canted or shaved inner edges. There are straight side and rear stretchers.

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