Bowl with portrait of Benjamin Franklin, 1790-1800
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Photo courtesy of S. Robert Teitelman

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The bowl is of fine, cream-colored clay with a clear glaze that puddles green. It has a high, straight foot rim, and sides that flare gently to a thin upper rim. It is ornamented inside and out with applied printed transfers. The interior is ornamented around the rim with six varied devices representative of military, scholarly, artistic, nautical, and agricultural pursuits. In the center is a large transfer image of a ship flying the American flag. Around the exterior are four large transfers: a portrait of Washington, entitled "Columbia's Favourite Son"; the portrait of Franklin, untitled, based on the Cochin print; the American eagle in a burst of glory; and the verses, "Health to the Sick; / Honour to the Brave; / Success to the Lover; / and Freedom to the Slave." Terms of Use Credits