Side chair, 1760-1775
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On display at Mt. Vernon from at least 1891 until 1980.
Sloan's Auctions, July 6-7, 1985, lot #1157.
Sloan's Auctions, October 30, 1994, sale #847, lot 2808. Publications associated with its ownership at Mt. Vernon: Elizabeth B. Johnston, "Visitors' Guide to Mount Vernon" (1891), p. 39.

Esther Singleton, The Furniture of Our Forefathers , (1901), pp. 123(illus.)-124.

Mt. Vernon Ladies' Association, "An Illustrated Handbook of Mount Vernon" (1936), p. 23, (illus).

The chair has a history of having been owned by members of the Macalester family of Philadelphia. The chair appears to have come to Mt. Vernon as a gift from Lily Laughton, granddaughter of the man who may have purchased it at an auction of Franklin family possessions. It was displayed at Mr. Vernon as Benjamin Franklin's chair until 1980. It was sold at auction in 1985 without provenance, though records survive that document it at Mt. Vernon. It is cited and/or illustrated in several publications issued by Mt. Vernon over the years of its ownership. Acquired by the firm of Israel Sack, it remained in their holdings until 1994. Sold again at auction, it was acquired by its present owners. Terms of Use Credits