Clock with statuette of Benjamin Franklin, 1795-1820
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Photo Courtesy of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms, U.S. Department of State

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The clock features a statuette of Franklin based on the 1793 statue by François-Marie Suzanne. Franklin stands in a striding position, his weight on his left foot, his right foot slightly behind and raised. He wears a simple suit, holds a tricorne hat in his left hand and a rolled document in his right.

The square pedestal on which the figure stands incorporates the clockworks. The clock face is a disc that fills most of the facade of the pedestal. A raised, moulded, gilded bronze dial with hour and minute hands is surrounded by a chapter ring with black Roman numerals marking the hours. The clock dial is ringed by a classical oak wreath.

According to information received from the Dept. of State, the maker's inscription was located on the inner circle of the dial but has worn off.

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