Armchair (English, French style), 1760-1774

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"Benjamin Franklin and his Circle," Metropolitan Museum of Art, no. 303. According to its current owner, it is the chair illustrated in the catalogue of that exhibit, having been owned at that time by James S. ( or F.) Bradford.

"An Image of Benjamin Franklin," University Hospital Antiques Show, 1963.

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."An Image of Benjamin Franklin," Catalogue of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital Antiques Show, 1963. No detailed list of entries was part of the catalogue of that exhibition, but a single page in the catalogue mentions the entries and a photograph of the exhibit booth survives showing the chair.

Benjamin Franklin and his Circle: A Catalogue of an Exhibition (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1936) (notes by R.T.H. Halsey, Joseph Downs, and Marshall Davidson) Pp. 305, 306, Illus.

The chair is part of the set believed to have been given to Mary Stevenson Hewson by Franklin. There are three surviving from the set, suggesting that it numbered at least four. This chair was owned by Elizabeth Nevins Bradford (the widow of James S. Bradford, and the sister of Mrs. Edward F. Hoffman, who was the source for the "French cabriolet" chair now owned by Independence National Historical Park.) This chair passed to Elizabeth Bradford's niece, Joan Bradford Wiederseim, then to Joan Wiederseim's son, Theodore Wiederseim. Terms of Use Credits