Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Martin/Peale - APS), 1772
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American Philosphical Society, Philadelphia

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"The Princess and the Patriot : Ekaterina Dashkova, Benjamin Franklin, and the Age of Enlightenment," at the American Philosophical Society, 2/17/06 - 12/31/06.
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Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale University, 1962)

This portrait has passed through the hands of some of Philadelphia's great early painters. Painted in 1772, possibly with the collaboration of Peale's brother James, it was given to the American Philosophical Society on December 16, 1785, apparently as Peale's contribution to an announced project for the erection of Philosophical Hall. The members asked him to keep it until the Hall was ready. Meeting in July 1789, and faced with Franklin's poor health, the Society voted to ask Peale to paint a new portrait for the building, which was almost complete. He painted a half-length portrait, and gave the members a choice of that new portrait or this earlier one. They accepted the earlier one; the later one is now owned by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. A new frame was obtained from James Reynolds in 1792; the painting was repaired by the painter Thomas Birch in 1814; and it was cleaned and relined by Earle in 1843. (APS, Catalogue of Portraits, pp. 27-28)
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