Portrait bust of Benjamin Franklin (PAFA - Iardella after Caffiéri), 1790-1800
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Marble bust of Franklin, attributed by Sellers to Giuseppe Ceracchi but now attributed to Iardella. Based on the bust by Jean Jacques Caffiéri, it shows the elderly Franklin with hair brushed back over his ears, and falling onto his shoulders. His coat is rendered loosely, and his tie or stock is wrapped in a loose knot. The effect is to suggest the fold of a classical robe more than a contemporary coat. The bust differs from those by Caffiéri in a significant way: by positioning it forward on the base or socle instead of in an upright manner, the artist suggests an intensity on the part of Franklin. In addition, the sculptor has not indicated the pupils of the eyes, but has returned to the manner of depicting eyes on classical busts and statues.
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