Bowl with portrait of Benjamin Franklin, 1777-1790
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Photo courtesy of Independence National Historical Park, archaeological collection, Philadelphia, Pa

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The bowl has a high, almost-straight foot rim and slightly flared sides. Its body is cream-colored earthenware with a clear glaze that pools yellow. Its sides and interior are decorated with sepia-colored transferware motifs, as follows:
On the exterior are two varied rustic landscape views. Between them are two varied floral motifs. All four are in a light, rococo style.

In the interior is a portrait image of Benjamin Franklin, derived from the print published in France in 1777, engraved by Augustin de St. Aubin from a drawing by Charles Nicholas Cochin. Franklin is shown wearing a beaver cap and round spectacles. The lower edge of the image is cropped, framed by a rococo ribbon and clusters of flowers, bearing Franklin's name, his honorary titles (L.L.D., F.R.S.) and his birth information.

The image is scratched and worn, suggesting that the bowl saw considerable use. Terms of Use Credits