Portrait of William Franklin, ca. 1790
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Photo courtesy of Private Collection

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William Franklin is shown in a portrait to the waist, seated at an oblique angle, his left shoulder forward. His head is turned toward his left side slightly to present a three-quarter facial view. His complexion is warm. He appears to have natural hair powdered, rather than to be wearing a wig. His hair is curled to stand away from his head, and is gathered at the base of his neck, apparently with a heavy black ribbon. He is dressed formally. His coat is of forest green with a standing collar and lapel reverses of figured gold. It is fastened by large, flat metal buttons. A white stock and cravat are visible at the coat's neck. There is the suggestion of a chair back upholstered in deep red behind him. The background is an undifferentiated dark brown.
Connection to Franklin
Portrait of Franklin's first, illegitimate son, raised by Franklin and his wife Deborah
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