Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Wright after Duplessis), 1782
Photo courtesy of the Yale...
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Photo courtesy of the Yale University Art Gallery, Gift of William Smith Mason, M.A. (Hon,) 1924, Ph.B. 1888, to the Benjamin Franklin Collection, University Library

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Painted for Richard Oswald, one of the British peace negotiators during those deliberations. On Oswald's death in 1784 it passed (with the estate) to a nephew, George Oswald, thence to his son, Richard Alexander Oswald. The estate and portrait were inherited by a cousin, James Oswald, in 1841; both passed to Richard Alexander Oswald. Oswald died, and the painting was purchased from his estate in 1922. George Simpson Eddy was the first to identify it as the work of Joseph Wright, not of Greuze, to whom it had been attributed. The painting came to Yale University as part of the Mason Collection in 1936.
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