Portrait of Francis Folger Franklin, 1736-1737
Photo by Peter Harholdt, 2004
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Photo by Peter Harholdt, 2004

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"Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World," Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary traveling exhibition, 2005-2008.

"An Image of Benjamin Franklin," University Hospital Antiques Show, 1963.

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."An Image of Benjamin Franklin," Catalogue of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital Antiques Show, 1963. No detailed description or catalogue entry survives, but a single page lists the objects in the Loan Exhibit, and the portrait is visible in a surviving photograph.

Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale University, 1962) Pp. 8 - 23, 53, 316 - 17, 409.

Talbott, Page, ed., Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World (New Haven and London: Yale University, 2005) (companion book to exhibition of same title)

Painted as a memorial after the child's death in 1736, it remained in Franklin's home, probably until Richard Bache's death. It descended in the family of the Baches' daughter, Deborah Bache Duane, until its purchase by members of Benjamin Franklin Bache's family. It remains in the family of descendants.
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