Congress Voting Independence, 1796-1801
Photo by  Peter Harholdt
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Photo by Peter Harholdt

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"Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World," Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary traveling exhibition, 2005-2008
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Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale University, 1962)

Talbott, Page, ed., Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World (New Haven and London: Yale University, 2005) (companion book to exhibition of same title)

The painting was purchased from the Boston Historical Society in 1892-93 by Charles Henry Hart. Hart identified the work as being an unfinished painting by Robert Edge Pine (1730-1788) that was completed by Edward Savage (1761-1817) after Pine's death.

Hart published his findings in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania ("The Congress Voting Independence," PMHB vol. 29, 1-14, 1905).

It has been in the collections of The Historical Society since 1904, and is now housed at the Atwater Kent Museum. Terms of Use Credits