Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Duplessis "fur collar" - Met), 1778
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Photo Courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art

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The portrait shows Franklin wearing a fur-collared red coat and waistcoat; a white ruffled shirt is seen at the neck of the waistcoat. His gray-brown hair falls to his shoulders. The background of the painting is gray-green.

The original carved and gilded oval frame is rich with emblems: at its top is a wreath of laurel leaves for victory, and olive branches for peace. A rattlesnake ("Unite or Die," "Don't Tread On Me") surmounts the frame, and at the base is a liberty cap. A lion skin and club are emblematic of this new Hercules conquering the British lion. A large scroll at the bottom is inscribed with the word VIR (Latin for Man).

The work is signed prominently in script, at middle right of the canvas near the fur collar: J.S. Duplessis/pinx. parois/1778.

An image can be found here.

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