Political cartoon: MAGNA Britannia : her Colonies REDUC'D, ca. 1766
Library Company of...
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Library Company of Philadelphia

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"Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World," Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary traveling exhibition, 2005-2008
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Talbott, Page, ed., Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World (New Haven and London: Yale University, 2005) (companion book to exhibition of same title)

Van Horne, John C., "The history and collections of the Library Company of Philadelphia," The Magazine Antiques, Vol. CLXX, No.2 (August, 2006), pp. 58 - 65. P. 61, illus.

Only this single copy of the original cartoon survives, from the collections of the French-born Philadelphia antiquarian Pierre Eugène du Simitière.
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