Painting of the Franklinia alatamaha, 1788
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Photo courtesy of the Natural History Museum, London

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The drawing by William Bartram depicts a single, short branch of the Franklinia bearing an open blossom, with white petals and bright yellow center, a tight bud, a green seedpod and many slender green leaves. Below and to the left of the branch are diagrams of the interior of the seedpod; to the right are two seeds.

Bartram's drawings of the Franklinia and some other plants during this period have been described by Dr. Joseph Ewan as the most "painterly" of any he produced. According to Ewan they are as fine as those drawn by any North American artist until the great paintings of Audubon.

Connection to Franklin
Flowering shrub or tree discovered by the Bartrams and named after Franklin Terms of Use Credits