Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Duplessis - Carnavalet), 1778
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Photo courtesy of Musée Carnavalet

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Joseph-Siffred Duplessis (Attributed)
Oil on canvas; Framed: H. 33 1/2 in. (86 cm), W. 28 in. (70.5 cm); Canvas H. 28.7 in. (73 cm), W. 23 (58.3 cm)
Musée Carnavalet (Paris), P. 1074, gift of M. Marc Furcy-Raynaud, 1912
The Musée Carnavalet, the museum of the city of Paris, owns one of the "gray coat" portraits of Franklin by Duplessis. It is not recorded in Sellers, but one of the several he listed with French owners may now be in their collection.
Included in BF300 Exhibit.
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