Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Houdon/Lebarbier/Alix), after 1789
American Philosophical...
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American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia

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Lebarbier made this drawing from one of Houdon's revised Franklin busts, possibly the "Franklin" that Houdon showed at the Salon of 1791. It was modeled almost at half-length and is draped in the folds of a robe of ceremonial dignity, beneath which the stock and waistcoat of contemporary costume can be seen at the neck.

Prints were made after Lebarbierís drawing: one, a stipple engraving of the work seen in profile, is inscribed "Le Thière delt. 1795. Darcis Sculpt. 1795" and owned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Another, also a stipple engraving, but showing the sculpture full-face, was made by Pierre Michel Alix, and captioned "Dessiné par leBarbier l'Ainé d'après le Buste de Houdon." Copies of this latter are owned by The Franklin Institute and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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