Miniature portrait of Benjamin Franklin, ca. 1782-1789
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Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale University, 1962) pp. 404-06, Pl. 34.

The Louvre owns two similar miniatures. One is inscribed "24864 de l'inventaire de 1832. Thouron. Pt. de Franklin." The other is inscribed "Touron Peintre en émaux de Genève. + vers 1789. Beauvais, 24863 de l'inventaire de 1832." (Thouron enamel painter from Geneva, around 1789." Both cite numbers from the museum's 1832 inventory. Sellers cites that as suggesting they came from the royal collections. A snuff box in the collections of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania housed at the Atwater Kent Museum painted with a similar portrait has not been examined (2008) to attempt to determine if it is of the period or a later copy. Terms of Use Credits