Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (derived from Nini), ca. 1778-ca. 1820

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The profile portrait is oriented according to that in the Nini medallion: Franklin faces the left edge of the panel. His hair is cropped short, curling at the base of his neck. He wears a cap with a wide fur brim and a green fabric top with a central button. At his throat is a white cravat gathered into a bowknot, as in the medallion. His coat is camel-colored, with prominent buttons, as in the medallion. The artist has extended the sleeve and front of the coat to create an oval rather than a circular image. Onto the brown background is painted the suggestion of an oval spandrel of darker brown.

The work is in a wide, gilded rococo frame that appears to be original: there are corresponding nail holes between the panel and frame; all parts have equal ageing; there is evidence of a succession of methods of suspension.

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