Portrait of Richard Bache, 1793
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Photo Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Baetjer, Katharine, "Benjamin Franklin's Daughter," in Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, No. 38 (2003), pp. 169 - 181.

Richard and Sarah Franklin Bache to Richard Bache (d. 1811, to Deborah Bache Duane (d. 1865), to Richard Bache Duane (d. 1982) to Dr. Richard Bache Duane II (d. 1988). Still (2006) owned by family members, it is on deposit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

This portrait, like that of Sarah Franklin Bache, has been copied several times for family members. The artists who rendered portraits of Sarah and/or Richard include Rembrandt Peale (Sarah - owned privately), Thomas Sully (Sarah - Diplomatic Reception Rooms, Washington, DC), and Sarah (Philadelphia Museum of Art), and Thomas Wilcocks Sully (Sarah - Mead Art Museum, Amherst College), and Sarah Bache Sergeant (Richard Bache - still owned in the family).

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