Allegorical print with Franklin, L'APÔTRE DE LA LIBERTÉ IMMORTALISÉ, between May 1790 and October 1791
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American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia

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The focus of the image is Franklin, fully clothed and very much alive, being lifted to heaven by a goddess, while Time, having dropped his scythe and hourglass, attempts to drag him down. America, in the guise of an Indian princess, looks on mournfully and grasps the edge of Franklin's coat. On the left at the feet of Time a crevice opens in the earth and hell-fires and serpents await the patriarch. At the feet of America are broken links of the chains that bound her. In the background on the right, a winged figure wrings its hands and Athena (or Liberty) holding a shield, liberty cap and pole, weeps. Behind the figures rises a mortuary obelisk topped by a lightning rod and ornamented with a profile of Franklin, a cluster of objects and the motto "FRANKLIN NE PEUT MOURIR" (Franklin cannot die). Beneath the image is the title, a subtitle that dedicates the work to the Friends of the French Constitution and presents it to the French National Assembly. This presentation places the date of its publication before September 30, 1971, when the National Assembly was dissolved. Below the title and dedication is a descriptive text.
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