Illustration, "Oraison funebre de M. Franklin par l'Abbé Fauchet", 1792

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Franklin was mourned by the new government and by the citizenry. Mirabeau proposed that the French National Assembly wear black armbands for three days in Franklin's honor, and that the Assembly send a formal letter of condolence to the Congress of the United States. The proposal was accepted with acclamation.

This image illustrates an account of a funeral oration delivered by Fauchet on July 21, 1790. Condorcet addressed the Académie des Sciences; the Marquis de la Rochefoucauld also spoke publicly. The printers of Paris delivered two orations that were set in type as the orators spoke, the texts were printed on the spot, and copies were handed out to the assembled listeners.

This illustration is from Le Panthéon des philantropes, or L'école de la revolution, a 70-page volume published by Janet in 1792, and described as "an almanac, ornamented with attractive engravings." Terms of Use Credits