Allegorical print: "Eripuit Coelo Fulmen Sceptrumque Tirannis / Au GENIE De FRANKLIN", 1778
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The engraving, drawn by Fragonard and etched by Marguerite Gérard, depicts heaven, with Franklin in classical robes. At his left side sits America as a woman carrying the Roman fasces, the bundle of rods that was understood to represent a number of principalities bound together in unity.
Franklin directs the gods to do his will. Minerva floats above him, restraining the lightning (note that he is seated beneath her shield, suggesting that he is within her protection). Mars lunges forward, swinging a scimitar against the actions of Avarice and Tyranny.
The publication of the engraving was announced in the November 15, 1778, edition of the Journal de Paris, which described the image in detail, and cited the artists responsible for its creation.
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