Electrical apparatus (electrostatic machine), before 1773
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Dr. Frank Shoemaker, professor emeritus of physics at Princeton University, provided the following information:

On his arrival at Princeton in 1950, two electrostatic machines were standing on top of files in the former Physics building (the Palmer building). He was told that one was an antique original that had been sent to the World's Columbian Exposition; the other was a copy made before it was sent, in case it should be lost.

When the current Physics building (Jadwin) was being completed, he believed that the antique machine should be displayed more prominently, and designed the case in which it now stands (2006). At the time of the transfer, an old paper tag which was attached to the machine "with a carpet nail" was removed by an assistant, and it crumbled into dust. However, the information on the card was copied by Dr. Shoemaker onto the current caption.

Asked if additional information about the machine is available, Dr. Shoemaker responded that there are no dimensions recorded, no provenance known, and no paper file on the object.

This entry was prepared with the assistance of Dr. Shoemaker, through correspondence and conversation.
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