Handkerchief, 1785-1795
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Photo courtesy of Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

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Central to the composition is an image titled "Gen Washington directing peace/to restore to justice the/sword which had gained/Independence/to/America." The title is printed on a pedestal that supports the figure of Justice. Washington is on horseback, and Peace stands next to Justice.

Medallions surrounded by garlands contain the profiles of Franklin and Washington, and eleven other American public figures: Henry Laurens, Thomas Mifflin, William Drayton, Baron Steuben, John Jay, Gouverneur Morris, Charles Thompson, John Dickinson, John Adams and General Green.

According to Winerthur's records, the handkerchief is a close copy of one produced by the English firm of Talwin and Foster of Bromley Hall, Middlesex. Most of the portraits are engraved from 1783 designs by du Simitiere; the Franklin portrait is probably after one by Nini.

Compare this to database entry for "America presenting at the altar of Liberty Medallions of her Illustrious Sons."
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