Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (unknown artist), after 1782
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Photo courtesy of Private Collection

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The portrait is oval, in a deep (contemporary?) frame. The subject is positioned in a three-quarter view, right shoulder toward the viewer. His head is turned slightly toward his right shoulder, so that he presents the viewer with a strongly highlighted three-quarter view of his face. His hair is gray, and rather bushy; it is brushed back from his face and falls down his back. He wears a dark crimson coat and waistcoat with cloth-covered buttons. His white shirt has a ruffled front, and his neck is wrapped in a white stock. The work bears resemblance to the many portraits of Franklin painted by Joseph Wright, or copied by other artists from Wright's portraits. The artist, an American acquainted with Franklin, is known to have provided portraits of Franklin for French clients. His works are derived from the so-called "gray coat" portraits by Duplessis; however, Wright altered Franklin's gray suit to dark red. Wright's works were, in turn, copied by other artists.
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